Randy and I had some good times planning and building our home. Some portion of the delight was that we recruited an impressive woodworker to do the structure. All we needed to do was settle on around 300,000 choices en route.

We planned our home to be energy productive. We additionally picked water proficient apparatuses. We determined practical materials were utilized for our counters and floors. [I’ll share all of this in future articles.] Making every one of the choices important to get a house fabricated, the manner in which you need it, can be debilitating.

That depletion prompted a couple of mix-ups. We didn’t go for low VOC paint, for instance, however we utilized low VOC urethane. I didn’t determine low VOC stick for the ledges by the same token. Be that as it may, the trim was our greatest slip-up.

Painted entryway and window trim was the heading we decided to head. Wrong! Why? Since our developer doesn’t care for painting wood and doesn’t care for working with finger joint trim. Indeed, it is our home and we ought to have had the option to do it as we would prefer, however MDF Molding we were drained. Recollect that weariness issue I referenced? I didn’t have the energy to face him, so I let him convince me to utilize MDF – medium thickness fiber. Awful an ideal opportunity to get depleted.

My examination let me know MDF is high in formaldehyde, a substance I have attempted to keep away from, particularly inside. That is not the sort of additive I need in my life. Formaldehyde is poisonous to people – hell, to any living animal. For what reason do makers utilize stuff like that?

Without formaldehyde renditions of MDF were accessible, yet at a lot greater expense. At the point when we chose to add crown embellishment to our rundown of trim work, the costs truly began having an effect. We let our financial plan influence our choice.

Wood crown shaping, even poplar/aspen – the most economical trim wood you can purchase – was likewise more costly than we believed we needed to pay. What’s more, the developer actually scoffed at painting wood. So we buckled.

Our developer guaranteed us that the uncovered surfaces would be painted and that would hold the formaldehyde in. Right. I was too drained to even think about battling him on that rationale, so I let it slip. Dang it!

Fortunately formaldehyde, which is unsteady in air, has a half-existence of 10-30 days, presumably nearer to the 10 days end of the scale. Since we moved into the house in the spring we got an opportunity to leave windows open a large part of the time, delivering the dirtied indoor air to the outside. The majority of the formaldehyde had presumably off-gassed when we shut the house down for the colder time of year. Golly!

The awful news is that MDF doesn’t wear well. It chips and scratches without any problem. I learned numerous years after the fact that on the off chance that you prime MDF it will not scratch effectively, yet that doesn’t affect the chipping. Helping something through the entryway that hit the edge of the trim chips the edge, leaving that monstrous cardboard shading appearing. Indeed, even the rope pulls on our honeycomb blinds chip the window trip as they bob in the breeze.

MDF should be dimensionally steady as well. Our own isn’t. Most creases, particularly those on the south side of the house, show in light of the fact that the item has contracted. The excellent ocean green is accentuated by white stripes where the creases have gapped. That is not actually the look I was after.

My unequivocally expressed assessment on MDF is don’t utilize it!! Never under any circumstance. Regardless of whether the item is sans formaldehyde and the surface is prepared accurately, it’s simply excessively delicate for the normal home. We utilize our home delicately it actually chips and gouges. Imagine a scenario in which we had children or canines. The trim would probably be obliterated at this point.

Try not to utilize MDF for ecological and upkeep issues. Try not to commit the error I made. Keep away from harmful items that off-gas in your home or office. You can get greener by settling on different decisions.