The Business of iPhone App Development is currently booming. The iPhone and its applications surprisingly passed every user’s expectations towards having a smart gadget that they can admire and actually use. Surpassing even the expectations of many gadget critics, the iPhone has emerged as the best-selling smartphone in the world. With the launch of newer versions in the market, it has maintained its rank as the best among the smartphones we have today.

To start discussing the business of iPhone application development, let us go back a few years in its remarkable history and try to answer the question: “When and how did iPhone originate?” The beginning of the remarkable history of the impressive smartphone known as the iPhone started when Steve Jobs investigated and tried to integrate the touch screen technology to Apple, Inc.’s products. Even though Steve Jobs passed away in October 5, 2011 because of pancreatic cancer that led to complications which resulted in respiratory arrest, he continued to receive recognition for the many technological contributions¬†how old is my iPhone (including the very remarkable iPhone) and advances he made that changed the way we live our lives.

When his legacy, the iPhone,was launched the demand for it has been growing since a lot of consumers are pretty impressed with what the iPhone can do. This leads us to the most in-demand feature of the iPhone; letting its owners install and use mobile applications. Each mobile application created for the iPhone were made to answer market demands. To further make them appealing to customers, iPhone app developers not only make sure that the apps do not only do what they are meant to do, but they make sure that the user-interface looks catchy as well. Thus, the business of iPhone app development has gone into full gear with Apple, Inc. and mobile application providers raking in millions of dollars in profits.

Anyone can design and develop mobile applications that can run on iPhone devices. With skills in mobile application development, and the incentive of earning income, anyone can enter the business of iPhone app development. Developers can work for Apple, Inc. and earn highly competitive wages developing applications for iOS gadgets. The iPhone developers located in the USA and other countries in Europe are usually paid high salaries, which is about 100 US dollars or more per hour. Being an iPhone app developer is, undeniably, a good career choice.

Developing mobile applications for iPhone devices is great business. However, the great challenge is in finding the right developers who have the necessary skills to build iPhone applications that will click with customers. Once this has been addressed, then one’s skills as a businessman come into play. Among other things, the success of the company depends on these two factors. Keeping them in mind, being constant in its application will prove to business owners that the business of iPhone app development is very lucrative indeed.